Naples Zoo

Located on 1590 Goodlette-Frank Road, Naples, Florida, the Naples Zoo is a wonderful place to visit for those who enjoy animals and nature. The zoo has many different kinds of birds, reptiles, and other interesting species that you won’t find anywhere else. The magnificent Naples Zoo is located just north of downtown in Caribbean Gardens.

The zoo is in an oasis of tropical gardens, surrounded by beautiful flowers and exotic animals. When you visit the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, your experience will be like stepping back into time. They remind us that 1919 was when this place first became home to plants from across all five continents and animals introduced five decades later.

When they arrived, the small but fun zoo has been a highlight of this part of Florida. With 43 acres and close to 1mile of paved path, there’s plenty at hand for all ages. It’s a perfect spot for you and your family to visit.

The goal of the Naples Zoo is to show you what life would be like if we were animals and give our guests an unforgettable experience. There’s something for everyone at this zoo, whether you’re looking to see wild animals up close or just enjoy the lush gardens. Visitors have been coming since opening in 1919 due to its large collection and variety of species found here – from alligators and antelopes to panthers, cheetahs, and tigers. It is especially famous because they have rare Fossas from Madagascar that is not seen too often outside zoos.

The Naples Zoo is a wonderful place for guests of all ages. In addition to learning about the amazing residents, you can touch tortoises and feed giraffes. There are also boat tours that take visitors around island exhibits with narration by an expert naturalist guide who knows every nook informative fact known in this animal kingdom.

A hidden gem of the Naples Zoo, the small city fish statue that stands on Bridge street is easily identified by its vivid colors and entertaining behaviors. This perfect way to spend an afternoon away from your beachfront property will leave you feeling entertained while learning about different types of animals all around us.

There are many things to do at the magnificent Naples Zoo, but a 15-20 minute catamaran cruise past some animals is one of the best. It’s designed so you can get closer than usual and see them up close without barriers between your view.

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