Everglades Holiday Park

This is the place to go if you want to see some real gators! The Everglades Holiday Park has gained fame in recent years as one of America’s best places for animal viewing, and it features daily live shows where they interact with their favorite creatures.

 The shows at Everglades Holiday Park are more than just entertaining – they introduce visitors to the world of its most notorious residents and educate them on what lives in this habitat.

 Situated at 21940 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Everglades Holiday Park is an exciting place to visit for those who want their toes wet and wide-eyed. The tours are unpredictable, but you’ll learn about the ecosystem’s plants or animals that live in unique conditions not found anywhere else on earth.

 The Everglades Holiday Park is a one-of-a-kind spot located in sunny South Florida. Visitors from all over come here to enjoy the Alligator Shows, boat tours, and educational exhibits that celebrate this amazing ecosystem.

 It will be hard not to be amazed by this beautiful landscape as you explore this park, which includes live animal exhibits along with many other attractions. From kid-friendly features such as a splash zone where your little ones can play while learning about nature or more grown-up-based things like gator feeds & talks – there is truly something here for everyone who visits Everglades Holiday Park.

 This park is the perfect location to experience Florida’s natural beauty. For a truly authentic trip, climb aboard one of their state-of-the-art vessels for an unforgettable airboat ride through Generation, silently exploring the alligator habitat. After your adventure, explore what makes this place so special at Gator Pit, where you can meet some friendly locals and learn about how they keep their world safe from pesky tourists who might try taking pictures without permission (or worse).

 You’ll journey deep into the Everglades on a high-speed boat ride, with miles and acres of wetland before you. Your expert guide will lead this exploration through history as they take us past all types of wildlife that call these natural lands home.

 Take a journey through the Everglades on one of their spacious, safe, and comfortable airboats. You’ll be surrounded by lush trees as you watch wildlife up close from your seat in comfort with protection against any weather conditions that may come along. Lock eyes with an American alligator or maybe even see them interact live for yourself – it’s sure to take everyone’s breath away when they do so right before their very eyes (and camera).

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