Estero, Florida

The best neighborhoods to reside in Florida are often the most sought after, and Estero is no exception. With a population of 33,450 residents, this picturesque area offers many opportunities for everyone who lives here – whether you’re considering starting your career or just want some peace from city life with its relaxing beaches. Estero is about 26 miles from Naples by car.

Estero is a large suburban community with the feel of small-town living. There are multitudes of opportunities for fun in this area, from dining at one’s favorite restaurant or taking advantage of its many parks – which offer everything from tennis courts and dance classes all year round.

The beautiful weather in Estero makes it a perfect destination for people who love spending their free time outside. Residents of this beautiful community have plenty to do, whether they’re eyeing buying property or just want some new ideas on where the best places are located within the town.

Locals in Estero are known for their conservative values and tendency to lean towards the Republicans. The public schools here also have a high rating, which makes it an attractive place for families who want above-average education options for their kids.

Some of the top public schools in Estero are Edison Park Creative & Expressive Arts School, Pinewoods Elementary School, Cypress Lake Middle School, Three Oaks Elementary School, and Three Oaks Middle School.

Estero, Florida, lies between Naples to the south and Fort Myers north. For many years this area was known for its citrus fruit agriculture, but today it also has a lot of people who come here because they enjoy living in tranquility with plenty going on just outside their doorsteps – like college life at FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University) or relaxing beaches within walking distance from your home.

The people of Estero will be greeted by the nearby beaches and intrigued by its Mound Key Archaeological State Park. The ancient shell mounds of Estero Bay that rise more than 30 feet above water transform this bay into an otherworldly landscape, miles from the shoreline, in visitor’s first impression.

The Estero community feels small and quiet, but it’s just a quick drive away from some of the best beaches around. You can enjoy your picnic right by that crystal clear water with white sand as far as you see eye can shoot–and then maybe teach those kids how not to be such wet Secrets Beachgoers know so well already.

Head out to the nearest beach within 35 minutes of Estero, and you’ll find smoother sand and more amenities – even if it’s not as secluded. Pack a picnic dinner or just bring yourself some snacks for later in order to enjoy your day by the poolside with friends & family.

The Estero community has a rather diverse population, with people from all over the world calling it home. The greatest number report themselves as White followed by Asian and then German/English etc. It’s amazing that there are so various different races living in this small town.

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