East Naples, Florida

The thriving community of East Naples is situated in Collier County, just east of the city of Naples Florida. It’s an unincorporated area that has big opportunities for development with its proximity to many different areas, which makes it very easy when you want to explore more than one place at once.

The people that reside in East Naples love their home so much they’ve created an identity for themselves based on what makes this area unique: wide open spaces with nature as your backyard and all within driving distance from some really beautiful places.

The East Naples neighborhood has long been the county seat of Collier County, and it’s no surprise that this small town is home to many government buildings. The most prominent one is its new courthouse which was moved down from Everglades in 1962 after swamping made centering difficult for Old architecture there at times like these.

East Naples is the hub for this area’s transportation network isn’t at one corner- instead, there are several different points serving as major cities within our region: US 41 East towards Tampa Bay on land or Airport Pulling Road when you want to access by air rather than the sea.

White-collar employees make up a whopping 79.48% of the working population in East Naples, while blue-collar workers account for just 20.52%.

East Naples is an area rich in culture and historical significance. The boundaries may be vague, but it’s always had a special place in the hearts of many people who call this home.

Among the most thriving scenes in East Naples is centered around Bayshore Cultural Arts District. The area has been gaining attention for its art galleries, which include Things I Like by Catherine contemporary gallery, and tent sales throughout this corridor, but it will be a while until more start popping up.

The Galley scene in the Bayshore Area has been slow to start, but there are lots of local bands playing here. Local restaurants and coffee shops abound with live music commonplace – one great place for it is Celebration Park, located by Haldeman Creek bridge on Bay Shores Drive, where you’ll find a permanent food truck rally that features some amazing musical groups every day.

The great people of East Naples have an average annual household income that sits at $79,108. This picturesque area’s median household income is also quite high, with a figure of about $57635 per year. The population of Naples is slightly more than East Naples.

With its variety of waters, East Naples has everything a boat buff could ask for. You can find tall vessels that require an experienced crew or smaller ones depending on your skill level and taste. One has multitudes of options when it comes to where you want moored-up in this town – from scenic bays with amazing views up close as well as afar off into the distance; rivers flow through neighborhoods offering something new every day while still keeping their old charm intact.

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