Downtown Tampa

The revitalization effort has made Tampa’s urban core something to get excited about. After a massive clean up, the city is now bustling with activity almost 24/7, and life seems more colorful than ever before. The transformation of Downtown Tampa is an incredible story, one that has been repeated all over the world. The old empty warehouses and banks into high-end lofts or restaurants illustrate how far some cities will go to preserve their history and create new growth opportunities.

The Hillsborough River has been pristinely maintained for all of its natural beauty. Whether you’re an avid kayaker, paddleboarder or want to take in the view from one side–this waterway will not disappoint. Along with Pirate Water Taxis that ferry guests around town on their daily commute – there are multiple options available when it comes time. Enjoy what Tampa offers post-workout: restaurants and museums dotting 2 miles worth of city walkways along The Hillsborough. Paddlers can be surrounded by gorgeous scenery while ordinances protect against traffic pollution during exploration missions downstream.

The beautiful Curtis Hixon Park in Downtown Tampa is the heart of Downtown with its luxurious green space that hosts festivals, concerts and family-oriented recreation. It provides stunning views overlooking both river basins. This Curtis Hixon Park is the perfect place to enjoy a show, meet friends for an afternoon picnic or take in all that Tampa offers.

When the first of Downtown’s new residential towers, Skypoint and Element, were constructed after years without an influx in construction, this was a big deal for the Downtown residents because it meant that things could finally get back to normal in this part of town again. The success has only increased interest from developers who want their project included when there is talk about what will happen next with these iconic landmarks on Main Street near City Hall.

Young professionals, families looking to settle down here and empty nesters alike are eager to experience the vibrant arts scene that has blossomed in this neighborhood in recent years.

Tampa’s downtown area has some of the most expensive and spacious homes in Florida. With a median home value at $323,598 as well as an average rent price for two-bedroom apartments around $2 thousand per month to live there – it seems like nothing can stop you from living life proudly. If your job doesn’t allow enough time spent walking or driving between work and home, then don’t worry because there are plenty other options available, such as transit dependent DwOs where individuals who live Downtown have their own carpool lane during rush hour traffic they never get stuck behind someone else.

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