Doral West in Florida

The median real estate price in the Doral West community is $641,178, which makes it more expensive than 89% of the neighborhoods across Florida and 84% of the U.S communities. The cost of renting a home in the Doral West community is higher than 95% of the other places across Florida. The average rental price here currently sits at $3,612, which makes it much more expensive when compared to similar areas.

The Doral West locality has some of the shortest commutes in America. With an average time spent on transportation each day that is just under 15 minutes, residents here can easily get to and from their jobs without too much trouble.

The most popular form of transportation in this community is driving alone to work. As with many communities across America, owning a car can be practical for getting around town and accessing jobs.

The Doral West community a part of Doral, FL, is home to many different cultures and ethnicities. The most prevalent identify themselves as Cuban 26%. There’s also an abundance of persons with South American roots, including 4%. And some Mexican ancestry presents too 4%, alongside German descendants and Haitian. 31.8% of the residents in this locality were born outside the country, which is a higher percentage than average for communities across America.

The diverse cultures and tongues of this region are a great point for exploration, as English is the most common tongue spoken here, with 50.6% of households using it as their primary tongue. Other tongues are Spanish and French.

The Doral West communities in Florida are home to many government employees. 53% of the working population are employed by local, state, or federal positions, and they fall into two major categories: sales & service jobs. About 46% of residents here are employed in clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations.

The people in the Doral West community are among America’s most financially fragile. This locality has an extremely low income, which means its income is lower than 100% of U.S. neighborhoods. Furthermore, 0.0% of children seventeen and under living in this locality are actually living below the federal poverty line, and this is a lower rate than 100% of American neighborhoods.

The Doral West neighborhood is an interesting place to be. With 75% of its residents having moved into the area within five years, it’s clear that this community has something special about it.

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