Doral Park West in Doral Florida

In the Doral Park West community, a part of Doral Florida, the average real estate price of $610,233 is higher than 87.1% percent of communities in Florida and 83% of the communities in the United States. The median rental cost in the Doral Park West locality is currently almost $2,600. This makes it higher than 90% of communities across Florida.

A great number of people who live in this region are short on their commute time. 41% only spend 15-30 minutes one way, which is shorter than most Americans commutes.

Homes in this community have a high rate of car ownership, with 96.2% traveling to work alone by their own private automobile, and as many such residents find it practical for getting around town efficiently.

The Doral Park West community in Doral, Florida, has a large South American population, with 43.7% identifying their ethnicity or ancestry as such; there are also many people who report Cuban roots and Spanish origins here too. Alongside this heritage come others from Jamaican ancestry. The majority of inhabitants here, to be specific, 73%, were born outside the country.

The people of this locality speak a variety of languages. The most common one spoken here is Spanish, with 80% percent opting to use it as their primary tongue when at home among family members. Other important tongues can be found in abundance, too, namely; English, Chinese and Portuguese.

The Doral Park West community has a greater percentage of workers employed in executive, management, and professional jobs. The second most popular occupation for residents of this locality is sales-related positions such as those held by persons working at major accounts or fast food restaurants. The residents of this area are largely employed in office and administrative support jobs. Another percentage also works as technicians, cleaners, or laborers for nearby employers.

The people in the Doral Park West community are middle-income and make it a moderate-income area. This particular locality has higher incomes than 58% of all other communities across America.

The people living in this locality have it good. Not only are there 0% of children living below the federal poverty line, but also less than 100% across all the U.S communities.

The Doral Park West community is an international destination, with residents born in another country making up 73.8% of its population, More so than any other similar location across America.

The community of Doral Park West is home to a large Spanish-speaking population. The percentage that speaks this tongue at home reaches 80%, which makes it one of the highest concentrations in America.

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