Doral Park/City Center

Doral Park/City Center community real estate price is $475K – more expensive than 75% of communities in Florida and 73% of the U.S communities. The average rental price in this locality is currently $3,107. The cost of renting a home here exceeds that seen within most other Florida areas by an impressive margin – 90%.

The commute in this region is pretty short, which means that individuals living here don’t spend too much time getting to work every morning. The greatest number of commuters living within the Doral Park/City Center community spend 15-30 minutes on their one-way trip, making it easier for them when compared with others around the country who have longer commutes.

The majority of individuals in this region, 84%, drive alone to work every day. Additionally, many residents carpool either with coworkers or friends when they need transportation for themselves as well as their loved ones. It’s interesting how owning a vehicle can be practical.

Doral Park/City Center is a community of Doral, Florida, where persons of South American ancestry make up the majority. There are also Cubans and Italian roots to be found among its residents as well, with 65% born outside this country.

The languages spoken by individuals in this community are diverse, but it is hard to guess which one they prefer when speaking with friends. The most common language heard here seems like Spanish – 85% of households speak only that. Other important dialects include English and Portuguese.

In this community of Doral Park/City Center, it’s clear that a majority of its working population is employed in executive and professional jobs. This is largely due to these being the most important occupational groups for this area as they make up 43%. Additionally, there is also a significant population who are working within clerical support occupations making up 24%. Other persons of this locality work as salespeople for major companies to serve fast food.

The Doral Park/City Center region is an upper-middle-class area that has seen a higher than average income level for its surrounding areas. This particular location has a higher income than 65% of other U.S. communities.

In addition, the low childhood poverty rate in this region is an indication that it’s a good place to live. There are fewer children living below the federal poverty line here than anywhere else across America.

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