Doral Northwest

Doral Northwest’s community median real estate cost of $541,398 is more expensive than 78%of communities in Florida and 76.6 percent across the United States. The cost of renting a home in the Doral Northwest community is greater than 94.7% of the communities in Florida, with an average rental price currently at $3,538.

The people of Doral Northwest locality commute shorter than average. A whopping 32% of working residents only spend 15 to 30 minutes every day going to and from work, which is much better when compared with other parts across America where this number can be higher.

In a region like this, as in most of the nation and even worldwide for that matter, many residents find owning a car practical when it comes to getting from home to work. 80% of residents drive alone to get to work. In addition, many carpools with coworkers or friends.

The Doral Northwest community is in Doral, Florida, and is home to a diverse group of persons. The most common ethnicities residing here are South American at 60%, followed by Asian at 10%, and Italian at 9%. There’s also some Puerto Rican ancestry on display with 4%. Other notable origins include Cuban 6%. 68% of the residents here were born outside of America.

The Doral Northwest community is home to many Spanish-speaking people 74% of households here speak the language, and 16%, however, speak English.

The Doral Northwest community has a high concentration of executives and managers. It’s also home to many sales professionals who work for major accounts or restaurants within the region as well. Other residents here work in clerical, support, and maintenance occupations as well as manufacturing or laborer jobs.

The Doral Northwest community in Doral is an upper-middle class locality with high incomes. This particular location has a higher income than 73% of communities across America and lower childhood poverty rates as well.

The Doral Northwest community is an international destination, with 68% of its residents born outside the United States. This makes it one-of-a-kind compared to other communities across America.

The Doral Northwest community has more South American and Cuban ancestry persons living in it than nearly any other region. In fact, 60% of the residents have either South American and Cuban ancestry.

The Doral Northwest community is also linguistically unique. Significantly, 74% of residents five years old and above primarily speak Spanish at home; this percentage exceeds 97% of all U.S neighborhoods.