Doral Meadow Park in Doral Florida

Doral Meadow Park is a 14-acre public park in western Miami Dade County that was originally designed to be dog friendly. The first of its kind, it’s among many reasons why residents love this beautiful destination for weddings and events.

Doral Meadow Park is a delightful escape from the hustle and bustles of city life. This outdoor space, connected to nearby Trails and Tails park, offers cyclists an opportunity for some fresh air with their family or friends on one side while providing views that will make even zoo visitors smile up at you through your binoculars (if they’re not too busy looking around themselves).

Doral Meadow Park has everything for everyone and features baseball fields, batting cages, and lighted football or soccer field so you can enjoy your game no matter what time it gets dark out. From the traditional sports enthusiasts to those looking just want an evening stroll with friends or family. The ball fields are perfect whether you’re having fun on one of our lighted football/soccer field daylights; during overtime sessions at batting cages while watching pros practice their skills close up – there really isn’t any bad time slot here.

This park is a well-lit playground that offers safe play experiences for young ones of all ages, with classic American food available at the concession building during community sporting events.

Doral Meadow Park is a part of Doral and it is an excellent place to get some fresh air and exercise. The walking trail has been specially designed for your enjoyment, as well. You can also enjoy picnic sites with barbecue grills or one of our signature Vita courses – all located in the beautiful calming atmosphere that only nature could provide you here.

The Doral Meadow Park is a great place to go for an invigorating workout and some active play with your dog. There are two soccer/ football fields, one baseball diamond, as well as plenty of space dedicated just to kids’ activities, including a full-size basketball court.

It has everything you need for an excellent afternoon. Not only do they have playgrounds, but there is also a walking path and play area that’s perfect if your little ones are with you.

The picturesque Doral Meadow Park is large, clean, and fresh. The view from there can be breathtaking as it has beautiful scenery all around you that will make anyone feel right at home, especially kids who love playing outdoors. There are also plenty of stores nearby where families could go shopping or grab some food before heading back to their hotel after enjoying the nice weather together out in this great park.

Doral Meadow Park is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking to dine out or stay in one of the many hotels near Doral meadow, there are plenty of options available. Some restaurants that can be found within 1 mile include Taikin Asian Cuisine, Francisca Restaurant, and Divieto Ristorante – Doral, which offers delicious food with an amazing atmosphere.