Doral Isles Florida

Doral Isles, one of Florida’s most expensive communities, has a median real estate price of $745,787, which is more than 88% greater than the national average. The cost of renting a home in Doral Isles is higher than 99.5% of the communities across Florida, with an average rental price of $4,922.

Many people in this community own cars and use them for getting to work. Most residents here drive alone. As is usually the case, most residents here own at least one vehicle and find it useful when getting around town.

The residents of this community in Doral are at risk for long commutes. 38% percent have commutes that last 30 minutes or more, which is the greatest number among all U.S. cities.

The Doral Isles community in Florida is home to a diverse group of people. The most common ethnic background among residents here is South American at 47%, followed distantly by Italian heritage with 13%. There’s also plenty going on when it comes to Puerto Rico and Cuban ancestry; 8% each can be found within this area! In addition, 56% were born outside the United States.

Many languages are spoken in this community. The most common language spoken here is Spanish, which accounts for 73% of households preferred choices when at home with family members. English and Portuguese are the other languages spoken in this community.

The Doral Isles community is home to a large population of executives, managers, and professionals. The second most important occupation after-sales jobs are those that are involved in fast food restaurants, with 23% representation from this area’s workforce. The economy in this area is driven by manufacturing and laborer occupations 11.5% of the population here are employed as such, with 7%. Also working for clerical assistance or tech support roles.

The Doral Isles community is an upper-middle income area with high rates of success. This particular location has a higher average household income than 78% of communities across America. There are 0.0% of children seventeen years and under living in this area that lives below the federal poverty line; this rate is lower than 100%.

Doral Isles may be one of the most linguistically diverse neighborhoods in all of America, with 1.9% speaking Japanese at home as their primary language. This makes it higher than 98% of the American communities.

The community of Doral Isles has more South American and Cuban ancestry people living in it than nearly any other area of the country. 47% percent, to be exact.