Davis Islands

To create the perfect location, two artificial islands were built in Tampa Bay. The original intent was for these places to be highly affluent and destination locations with everything one could need from shopping outlets like Hyde Park Village or lunch spots such as Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant on Bayshore Driveway. There are also schools, including Indian River High School, which opened its doors a few years ago after being remodeled, parks/recreation areas called Davis Islands Park. This park allows families to enjoy football games during fall months alongside their favorite chefs preparing gourmet picnic dinners at sunset over water views.

The two artificial islands dredged from the bay back in the 1920s hold just under 3 thousand homes. Many situated on the waterfront boast zero traffic lights, making it a family-oriented neighborhood with pride for having no traffic lights.

There’s always something happening in the park at Davis Islands, from cyclists and runners to dog-lovers taking their furry friends for playtime on this mile-long path that leads right up close towards Marjorie Park Yacht Basin with lots of green space perfect as picnic grounds or frisbee games. It is an iconic destination not just because of its location but also what happens within these walls, makings each visit exciting.

Village living on the island is pricey, but it offers a picture-perfect scene. Shops and restaurants are filled with villagers who have bustling downtowns in their towns right outside their homes. Village living is not for everyone, but it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustles of city life. The prices are higher on this island, though – an average home costs around $800K.

Davis Islands is a laid-back community with amenities for everyone. It’s not just about the beach, though that part didn’t disappoint. The new development offers residents all of their essential needs plus some golf courses and parks galore in this cozy neighborhood on Tampa Bay; you’ll never run out of necessities or boredom here at Davis Islands landings.

If you’re looking for a place in Tampa with easy access to the city, this neighbourhood is perfect without all of its hustle and bustle. You can find everything your heart desires in one simple walk down any street. You can find your ideal place in the Davis Islands. There are an array of homes, including young professionals and families, NFL players’ abodes, and retirement communities. All these options have something that might suit you – whether it’s easy to access city life or more tranquility away from busy streets.

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