Coral Shores

Coral Shores is a beautiful suburban neighborhood located on the ocean in the city o Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This coastal community has many amenities and features with deep water access to boot. This quiet community offers residents amazing views and easy access to nature preserves for hiking or camping trips.

You will find a beautiful house in the Coral Shores neighborhood with an expensive price tag. The median real estate cost in this area alone is $816,981, which makes it more costly than 94% percent of all other areas within Florida and 90.9% nationwide.

What a great opportunity to invest in this up-and-coming neighborhood since the average rental price is $1,777, which means you can get your foot inside the door without spending too much.

What a great find! The Coral Shores neighborhood is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Florida. Currently, this location has lower rental prices than 56% percent of other areas across our beautiful state, making it easy for you to take that tropical vacation without breaking your bank account or sacrificing quality time with loved ones.

The Coral Shores neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for homes that range from medium-sized three- or four-bedroom houses with plenty of space inside your private entrance to smaller ones that offer more compact living arrangements. There’s an assortment high rise apartments available in this area, too, so no matter what kind of apartment search criteria applies – rate/size ratio being key factors here–you’ll find something perfect.

The architecture in the Coral Shores neighborhood is diverse and colorful. Although most homes were built between 1940 and 1969, some newer properties were built between 1970 and 1999; this gives an interesting twist to what could be typical cookie cutter neighborhoods for others nearby who live in newer construction or more modern styles.

The LGBTQ+ community in Coral Shores is very present and well-represented. With 1.9% of residents living with their same-sex partner, it stands out from other neighborhoods across the country as having one of higher concentrations for this population type (in fact, higher than 96% of other American neighborhoods).

In case you want to be one of those city dwellers who commute by bike, look no further than this Coral Shores neighborhood. With 5% of residents here riding their bikes every day for work or errands, this community has more bike commuters than 97.7 percent of all American neighborhoods.

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