Colee Hammock / Beverly Heights

The Colee Hammock / Beverly Heights area in Fort Lauderdale is one of the most densely populated neighborhoods on this side of town, which means it has an honest urban feel. It’s also home to some pretty sweet views.

The Colee Hammock / Beverly Heights neighborhood has a median real estate price of $571,281, which is more expensive than 86.7 percent of all other neighborhoods within the state and 82% nationwide.

The median price of renting a home in the Colee Hammock / Beverly Heights neighborhood is currently $2,723.88 – making it much more expensive than 88.8 percent of other areas across Florida.

The Colee Hammock / Beverly Heights neighborhood is a great place to call home if you’re looking for something between the hustle and bustles of downtown living but without all that noise. The real estate here consists mostly of small apartments or medium-sized homes with three bedrooms or four-bedrooms apartment complexes/high-rise apartments to townhomes.

The Colee Hammock / Beverly Heights neighborhood is home to a number of diverse residential properties. The area has stable homeownership rates, with most residents living in established but not old buildings built between 1970 and 1999; many also reside there or have done so recently.

The vacant properties in this area seem to indicate that there may be a weak real estate market. However, it could also mean homes and apartments are used mainly during the winter months when people who live here go on vacation or rent out their places for additional income sources outside work hours; therefore, you will see more empty houses than usual at other times throughout each year.

The people who live in the Colee Hammock / Beverly Heights neighborhood are some of Florida’s most fortunate. The area has an upper-middle-class feel with its lush greenery and wide streets, which makes this place perfect for families looking to settle down close by but not too far from all amenities, including schools or shopping centers.

The Colee Hammock / Beverly Heights community nearby Fort Lauderdale is an upper-middle-class, high-income area. In fact, this location has a higher per capita GDP than 82% percent of all other places across America.

In the Colee Hammock / Beverly Heights neighborhood, residents are split between those who work in executive positions and professional careers (62.5%). The second most popular occupational category for this area is sales-related jobs such as those found at major accounts or small businesses (24.9%).

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