Sunrise Intracoastal

If you’re looking for a coastal lifestyle nearby Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise Intracoastal is excellent. This urban neighborhood has some of the most beautiful views along Florida’s east coast and offers easy access to many popular attractions that are only minutes away by car.

The beautiful and serene Sunrise Intracoastal neighborhood has a median real estate price of $1,260,917, which makes it more expensive than 98.4% percent of the neighborhoods in Florida as well as 97% nationwide.

The Sunrise Intracoastal neighborhood is a pricey place to call home. The average rental price here currently sits at $2,735 – which makes it higher than 89% of all other areas across Florida.

The Sunrise Intracoastal neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for something between city life and beachfront property. The real estate here consists primarily of small apartments or medium-sized homes with several bedrooms, which makes it perfect as an urban escape from busy downtown areas but still close enough that people can walk/bike to most places they need to go every day.

This neighborhood has many high-end shops and restaurants that attract people to the area. The neighborhood is also popular with celebrities because of how exclusive it feels, even though most houses there were built decades ago.

The Sunrise Intracoastal neighborhood is a mix of old and new. Many homes in the area date back to before 1970, but there are also newer ones on offer for those who want their property updated with modern amenities without having too much trouble paying monthly rent or mortgage costs (especially helpful if you’re an owner-occupied).

The Sunrise Intracoastal neighborhood is a place where the ocean and bay meet. There are many times when people come here to enjoy their surroundings or take in some scenery, but there’s also an industrial side if you’re not financially well off enough for luxury living spaces like this area has plenty of opportunities with its beautiful views.

The nautical feel of Sunrise Intracoastal is something that some may really enjoy. With its proximity to the water, this neighborhood has an interesting and unique atmosphere about it, with sights like ships from afar cruising along the coastal areas or people taking walks at sunset looking out over calm seas far below them; truly beautiful.

When you’re looking for a same-sex couple-friendly community, look no further than Sunrise Intracoastal. This neighborhood has the amazing distinction of housing more couples living together than 98% of neighborhoods in America.

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