CitySpace Doral

CityPlace Doral is a luxury development with over 40 upscale shopping and dining destinations, plus the ultimate destination for luxury retail therapy. Imagine enjoying an evening stroll with friends or dining at one of many world-class restaurants before heading off to hit up your favorite designer store – all in this beautifully planned city.

CitySpace Doral is a shopping destination that has everything you need to fill your heart’s desire. With 250,000 square feet of retail space and more than 300 stores from which shoppers can choose whatever they wish for in just one place in Doral, Florida – no other spot offers such variety.

The Center, an elegant and modern center, is a crown jewel of the city’s entertainment landscape, with an upscale CineBistro cinema playing current blockbuster films. This exquisite movie theater is the crown jewel of our city’s entertainment landscape and will be loved by all who enter. The interior design features state-of-art film projection technology with luxurious leather seating for your viewing pleasure and an elegant CineBistro dining experience playing current blockbuster releases in their own private screening room – it doesn’t get better than this.

CitySpace Doral offers a wide range of shopping options, from high-end retailers like Ella Boutique to budget-friendly Agua Bendita. There are also unique home and beauty services such as the Venetian Nail Spa that will leave you feeling refreshed.

The Center’s landscape is home to a variety of full-service and casual restaurants, including international cuisine options like Brimstone Woodfire Grill and Cabo Flats Cantina and Tequila Bar. There are also quick-service treats like a 4D Gelateria and an outpost of local favorite Sloan’s Ice Cream.

CitySpace Doral is the perfect mall for anyone who doesn’t want to spend their day indoors when it rains or snows. You’ll never miss out on all of its amenities, like outlets and dining areas available year-round. It’s also strategically located near some top attractions in South Florida, so you can easily visit these while staying mobile–and warm—without having any trouble getting around town during inclement weather conditions.

CitySpace Doral is the perfect place to spend a weekend in Doral. You can explore new trends, catch up with friends or take your family on vacation—all while enjoying great food from local restaurants and retailers that will make you feel at home. There are also plenty of events happening throughout each week, including live art exhibitions for those who love gorgeous visuals as well artists’ handmade goods available inside stores, so there’s no need to go anywhere else when it comes time for shopping either.