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Hidden Signs of Water Damage

Water damage can happen at any point of the year. Even the smallest leak in your pipes — even a single broken shingle on your roof — may cause water damage within the walls, which you may not notice until it’s too severe. Within your home’s walls, there is frequently a surprising amount of open space where water may drip in and seep into your walls and insulation. While you’re looking for a visible pool of water caused by flooding or a stain on the wall, mold is spreading in places you can’t see.
Undetected water damage can cause structural instability and expensive upgrades. A concealed water leak in a basement, a slowly leaking roof, or even a trickling faucet can all create long-term structural damage. Are you unsure if your house or workplace has concealed water damage?
Here are a few indicators to see whether you need to a water damage restoration specialist to inspect your home or business.

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