Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

The historic Bonnet House is a museum of both time and place, dedicated to preserving the area’s history while also protecting it from decay. The beautiful plantation house is a Chicago-born artist’s masterpiece. It was built on land given to him by his wife, who later named it after his second wife, Bonnet Lily.

 In case you are looking for a unique Florida experience, then head to the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens. This historic property has been listed on both national registers and designated as an architectural landmark in Fort Lauderdale. Mixes art with history alongside ecology – making it a one-of-kind destination that will leave your inner child satisfied without regretting their visit.

 Situated at 900 North Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens houses an art gallery that showcases an impressive collection of self-painted and collected paintings. Visitors can enjoy exploring this space in order to find their favorite piece among countless others while learning more about how these pieces were created through informative signage on exhibit throughout each room.

 Outdoors’ enthusiasts will find a haven for their outdoor needs at the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens. The estate covers 36 acres, once owned by the Birch/Bartlett family- who used it as an escape from city life during winter months when temperatures were too harsh elsewhere in addition to hosting parties with friends on weekends or vacations; yet today, this property has been preserved so we can all relish its natural beauty while still being close enough if need be.

 The gardens at The Bonnet House are a must-see for any garden lover. They feature five distinct ecosystems that range from mangrove wetlands to maritime forests, all beautifully displayed in their own unique way.

 The five ecosystems that make up this barrier island habitat are a beach, dunes area with maritime forest, and freshwater slough. There’s also an elegant hibiscus garden as well as a desert-themed one in addition to the Orchid Display House, which houses many different types of orchids.

 The gardens at this historical home are a must-see for any traveler who appreciates beautiful landscaping and exotic plant life. From the dry Desert Garden to lush hibiscus beds, there’s plenty here that will inspire you. Don’t forget about one of their largest collections of orchids in all Southeast USA either—there is something special just waiting inside The Bonnet House.

 Visitors can experience the lush green world of orchids on an Orchid Greenhouse Tour, which is led by expert guides and needs to be reserved in advance.