Bird Rookery Swamp Trail

Located at 1295 Shady Hollow Blvd W, Naples, FL 34120, United States, the Bird Rookery Swamp Trail is one of the best places to visit for those who enjoy nature. It’s an area that spans over 12 miles, and it includes Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed Land Trust.

You can explore the big cypress swamp without getting yourself wet. The trail in Bird Rookery Swamp was opened in 2011 and is, at its core, a maple-cypress swamp. It will take a considerable time to complete this easy hike – but that time includes some relaxation while viewing all different types of trees along your journey through arching forest illumination from lighting bugs hanging out on branches above head height or deep within heart-shaped leaves where most people don’t think they’re hiding anything important.

The crushed shell path is a must for any avid hiker with 1800 feet of cleared walking. There are also parts where boards have replaced the walkway to span wide spaces and make it easy on your feet.

The 4.5-mile exploratory trip that runs from the access trail to a loop can be made in one go, but it’s also exciting and diverse enough for you not to want or need any less distance. As soon as your feet start tapping on earth with each step through Bird Rookery Swamp Trail, things will seem more beautiful than ever before–especially since this is just one section out of many great places nearby where people like yourself live their lives every day.

The Bird Rookery Swamp Trail provides a unique experience for visitors to witness all sorts of wildlife. It’s not uncommon to spot otters, white-tail deer, or bobcats while walking through these paths in the afternoon darkness. Still, some people might be more surprised by what they see if their visit takes place during daylight hours because then there will surely follow an impressive show with panthers and gators making themselves visible among these natural wonders.

Watch for singing birds and wading ones. The best species here are swallow-tailed kites, but you should also keep an eye out in case of barred owls. There is always a myriad of activities you can enjoy at the trail, such as biking and hiking. You might also want to take birding tours or horse rides. If that sounds too exotic for your taste, then try geocaching – it’s an adventure game where players hunt down hidden treasure by following clues on specially designed maps (and maybe find some new plants along the way). Photography is another popular pastime near roads with beautiful views; make sure not to miss out when shooting these spots because they will always be special memories from time spent in this area.

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