Bayshore Heights

Bayshore Heights is a desirable suburban enclave in the heart of Port St. Lucie, Florida, where average rental rates soar higher than 70% of other neighborhoods throughout the state. With an estimated price tag of $2,664 per month on rent alone, this picturesque neighborhood offers sought-after amenities, and relaxation just steps away from local attractions.


Bayshore Heights is a charming residential area perfect for those looking to experience the convenience that doesn’t come at the cost of peace and quiet. With nearby shops, eateries, and other attractions, you’ll never be too far from what matters most in life.


Bayshore Heights is a charismatic neighborhood east of the turnpike in Port St. Lucie, renowned for its spacious municipal complex and lively elementary school, where each day brings new educational opportunities. This flourishing Port St. Lucie community is home to City Hall Municipal Complex and Bayshore Elementary School – two institutions that ensure this neighborhood remains connected and vibrant.


Bayshore Heights is a desirable residential neighborhood with an appeal to families, couples, and singles. Offering an array of housing types – from medium-sized single-family homes to large multi-bedroom dwellings plus apartment complexes/high rises – the area provides something for everyone. Many properties are owner-occupied, while those constructed between 1970 and 1999 lend established charm, while more recently constructed residences (2000 onwards) radiate modern vibrancy across this sought-after locale.


If you are a divorcee, this could be the perfect neighborhood for finding friends and renewed understanding. With 20.1% of its residents being divorced, this neighborhood provides an understanding and welcoming atmosphere for those who may have gone through a divorce – in fact, it’s among the top neighborhoods with the highest-rate divorces across America.


Bayshore Heights is a neighborhood that stands out from the crowd. Median income levels in this tucked-away community are higher than 56% of neighborhoods across America, making it an ideal location for those seeking more moderate living conditions at an attainable cost.


Bayshore Heights is a vibrant, diverse neighborhood where many languages are spoken. English is the most prominent language in this community, with over three-quarters of households speaking it fluently. Spanish and French also feature prominently on residents’ tongues – making Bayshore Heights a truly multilingual hub.


Bayshore Heights is a bustling neighborhood in which the working population knows how to hustle. Nearly 29% of residents find success in sales and service occupations, while nearly 25% take on executive roles. Not far behind are manufacturing workers (24%) and then clerical, assistant, or tech support positions (23%).

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