Bay Heights

Bay Heights is a tightly packed, densely urban neighborhood around Miami, Florida. This area has one of the highest population densities, and it’s also very diverse, with both blue-collar workers as well as white-collar professionals living here together.

When it comes to real estate, the Bay Heights neighborhood is on top. This area has a median home price of $723,030, which makes them more expensive than 91% of neighborhoods in Florida and 87 percent nationally.

The cost of renting in the Bay Heights neighborhood is higher than 97.0% of neighborhoods across Florida, with an average rental price per unit set at $3458 dollars monthly.

Bay Heights is a great spot for those who want to live in an apartment or house with other people. The cost of living here isn’t too high, but the amenities make up for it. There’s plenty going on around town – shopping centers galore where you can find anything your heart desires; schools that offer excellent education opportunities no matter what kind of learner they are (from pre-school all way through college).

A great deal of Bay Heights real estate consists primarily of small to medium-sized apartments. The remaining housing is mainly single-family homes and high rise buildings, with some moderate hills here too.

Many of the homes in Bay Heights are occupied by renters. This can be seen as a sign that many people do not own their residential real estate but rather rent it out to another individual or family member who may also live at some point during this period time frame where they’re renting from someone else entirely different than yourself. The newest construction here tends toward new builds started after 2000 while older homes date back further into the century’s past–with most being built between 1970-1999 too.

Bay Heights is a newer, more modern neighborhood with homes that were built after 1999. The streets are lined with state-of-the-art technology and stylish furniture to make your life easier; not only do they have Smart TVs in almost every home but there’s also high-speed internet available for those who need it.

Therefore, the Bay Heights neighborhood is a great place to live if you want the feel of new construction without all those pesky renovators. 83.2 percent of residences in this beautiful community were built between 1999 and the present, making them more modern than 99 percent in other neighborhoods throughout America.

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